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Welcome to Østfoldmuseene

fredag, desember 10th, 2010

The Østfold Museum Foundation is the collective umbrella for Borgarsyssel Museum, Folkenborg Museum, The Canal Museum at Ørje, Hvaler Coastal Museum, Moss Town and Industry Museum, Østfold County Photographic Archive and The Museum Service.

A museum should be an active community resource and as such has an important role, both as a source of information and as a cultural arena. Its principal purpose, as a museum, is to research, collect, conserve and exhibit its collection, both artefacts and the natural and cultural/historical development. The Østfold Museum’s collections are a rich source of information and relate the story of a region marked by important names and events, a diverse natural history, industrialisation, initiative and everyday life for better or worse.

Our stories stretch from Olav the Holy’s founding of the town of Borg in 1016, to more recent industrial developments and contemporary design. We describe the stone-quarrying industry, life in the inns and pubs and agriculture before the age of the tractor; the development of the region’s natural landscape through the ages and the importance of the Halden canal in the growth of commerce in the area.

We endeavour to follow the historical thread right up to the present day. Our child-friendly ways of conveying information are attractive to children—both those who visit us on their own and those who come with one of the region’s schools, with whom we work closely. We have made a particular effort to reflect Norway’s cultural diversity in everything we do.

Read more about the following museums by clicking the links or by selecting a location in the map below:

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Folkenborg Museum

Fredrikstad Museum

Halden historical Collections

Hvaler Coastal Museum

Moss Town- and Industry Museum


The Canal Museum at Ørje